Self-Hypnosis 101 How to Use Unconscious Cues to Make Yourself Happier and More Successful


If you have heard about the law of attraction, then you will know that being highly positive, believing in yourself and acting lucky will all help to make you luckier. That’s all great. But simply changing the way you think and feel about yourself isn’t quite so easy as just deciding you’re going to do […]

Laugh More and Increase Confidence With These Affirmations

Laugh and Be Confident

The power of affirmations aimed at improving and even transform your life in many ways.

Can they help you reach any goal? Can you alter any situation to your liking? While positive thinking and the law of attraction are important, you need to consider other spiritual principles extremely. For instance, the laws of karma and predetermination supersede the law of attraction […]

Hypnotherapy The Best Complimentary Therapy

hypnotherapy the best therapy

It is my belief that hypnotherapy is the best complimentary therapy because hypnosis affects people at every level including mental, physiological, psychological, and even spiritual. And genuinely, only hypnotherapy have the opportunity to do that. It allows you to work on specific problems one by one, but at the same time, it can improve your […]

Kick That Habit Once And For All

quit smoking

In this article I was just going to listing ten ways in which hypnotherapy can be an effective means for empowering parties to quit smoking in a natural course. If you are considering hypnotherapy to stop smoking or weighing up the pros and cons of other methods, then such articles may provide you with more […]

How Hypnosis Can Help You

hypnotherapy for anxiety

Hypnosis has long been recognised as an effective means of treatment for a number of psychological conditions. Hypnotherapy can help you to create more confidence for yourself and improve feelings of self worth. You can also learn to overcome troubles like the fear of public speaking; phobias like being frightened of traveling on the tube; […]

What Is Hypnosis

hypnotherapy and hypnosis

Many of my clients often ask me, “what is hypnosis?” Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. It is also a process where the customer and the healer cooperate for the benefit of the client. What does that mean? Although the word ” hypnosis ” comes from the Greek word “sleep” the hypnotized individual is […]